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Mythology eBook project from David Ashby’s blog


David Ashby recently posted about a fantastic assignment his 7th grade students accomplished using Google Apps and Pages in OS X.  As I read over what he did in his classroom I realized that it would be a great assignment to duplicate using iBooks Author or Book Creator on iOS devices.

You can read the original post here:


Angry Birds in the Classroom


So after having a discussion about Angry Birds with the Department head of Science (he had mistakenly purchased the game with the ITDept’s iTunes account) I made a casual comment that I wished there was a way the science department could apply the game in their Physics class.  He did some digging and came up with the following blog post.  How Cool!

After searching some more I came across this blog.  He uses the chrome-based game (free) with Tracker Video Analysis (also free) to plot some interesting data.

Blooms technology pyramid

Technology and Bloom’s Taxonomy


The University of Southern Indiana has created this awesome tool for using technology with Bloom’s Taxonomy. It’s pretty dang useful. Each image is       hyperlinked to the tool it refers to. Thanks to for the original reference.

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