Action Figures


Clive Barker's Infernal Parade

Santa's Little Helpers

McFarlane's Twisted Christmas

Suffering Bob

McFarlane's Tortured Souls 2 – The Fallen


While not as interesting as the first set, Barker’s second series in the Tortured Souls line are equally as artistic, but lack chapters of a novella that definitely added a level of personal connection to the characters.


McFarlane's Tortured Souls


This series was released in July 2001 and really fueled the direction of my collection.  I started viewing action figures as a work of art (although at times gruesome and horrific).  I was a big fan of Clive Barker at the time and read his books voraciously.  Below is the first series of action figures he created with Todd McFarlane.  Each one came with a small section of a novella that Barker wrote with these characters as his centerpiece.


American McGee's Alice


These figures by Milo’s Workshop are fantastic.  Although limited in movement, they make up for in size and sheer impressiveness.

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