When I first came to the Linsly School four years ago only ten of the faculty had email accounts from the school’s local internet provider.  At the time we were paying a large sum of money per month for a T1 line that gave us balanced bandwidth, albeit with slow speeds.  It was a priority to get email accounts to all faculty and administrators at the school if I was going to move ahead with any more technology initiatives.  Coming from a FirstClass school, I knew that our budget wasn’t going to allow for a robust email and conferencing software suite and we didn’t have the manpower to administer an Exchange server.   I have always loved Google and their products and have had a GMail account almost since it’s conception.  Enter Google Apps for Education.  The timing was perfect.  They were in their infancy and we had need of a robust, easily manageable software suite that included email and calendaring (I’ll get to the collaborative document sharing in another post).  We didn’t have anything to migrate as the faculty who had the old email accounts didn’t really use them.  Those that did were shown how to export their messages to be imported later.