Once we decided to get away from network logins and move to a generic Student account we were faced with the problem of students forgetting to log off.  This was remedied with the WINEXIT screensaver that comes with the Windows 2003 Resource Kit that can be downloaded here.  Once you have downloaded the package follow the following instructions to install the screensaver.  It involves some registry changes as the screensaver needs access to shutdown applications in a non-admin setting so don’t do this unless you are comfortable changing registry settings.

1.  Log in as an administrator
2.  Download Rktools.exe from the link supplied above.
3.  Install it and Restart
4.  Log in as an administrator
5.  Start Registry Editor (Regedt32.exe)
6.  Open the following key:  HKEY_Local_Machine\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\IniFileMapping\Control.ini
7.  Click Permissions
8.  In the Name box, click and add Everyone, and then click on the ADVANCED box for special permissions
9.  Click Edit and select the Set Value and Create Subkey check boxes
10.  Click OK, and then click OK
11.  Quit Registry Editor and restart the computer
12.  Log in to the Student account
13.  Copy the WinExit.scr file from Program Files -> Windows Server Resource Kit
14.  Paste WinExit.scr to  C:\Windows\System32
15.  The Logoff Screensaver should now be an option in your Windows Screensavers
16.  Adjust Settings to choose how long the computer should wait before logging off.

NOTE:  In order to change the message that appears you need to hit enter after changing the message.  Do this before you click on OK or Apply.