Making an image transparent in Pixlr

The Process

  1. Choose Open Image from Computer
  2. Click on the Magic Wand – third row down on the right side of the toolbar
  3. Make sure the tolerance (at the top of the Pixlr frame) is set anywhere from 20 on up – depending on the intricacy of the figure you want cut out. The more distinct the figure, the less tolerance you need. That will select what you want to delete from the photo.
  4. On the Pixlr top toolbar, click on Edit, choose Invert Selection. You will see that the figure you want is selected.
  5. Go to Edit, choose Copy.
  6. On the Pixlr top toolbar, click on File, choose New.  Give the file a name.
  7. Check the two boxes: Create New Image from Clipboard and Transparent.
  8. Then click OK. You will see a gray and white background behind what you selected – it is transparent.
NOTE:  Be sure to save your new image as a .PNG file or it will not be transparent.


  • SheetalD
    #1 written by SheetalD  5 years ago

    All the steps mentioned above execute very well… One more point to add in here is save your new editted image in a .png format, else the effect won’t be visible if .jpeg is chosen.. Hope this helps… :)

  • Anonymous
    #2 written by Anonymous  5 years ago

    Thank you!! This helped me so much!

  • Travis Pinder
    #3 written by Travis Pinder  5 years ago

    when i save it it goes baCK TO HAVING A WHITE BACKGROUND

  • JRobinson
    #4 written by JRobinson  5 years ago

    Hi Travis…sorry for the confusion. SheetaID mentiones that you need to be sure to save your image as a .png or the transparency won’t work. I’ll be sure to add that to my initial post!

  • JRobinson
    #5 written by JRobinson  5 years ago

    Thanks SheetaID!

  • anonymous
    #6 written by anonymous  5 years ago

    Original Post Wrote:

    Check the two boxes: Create New Image from Clipboard and Transparent.

    Pixlr no longer has this function :(

  • johleen
    #7 written by johleen  5 years ago

    oof fantastic – this is just whatI needed, and worked perfectly. Thanks!

  • H
    #8 written by H  5 years ago

    AWESOME…I’ve been looking for this for ages
    Thank you soooo soooooo sooooo much..

  • comicvixen
    #9 written by comicvixen  5 years ago

    I am learning things as I go and this made it very easy to follow, I thank you immensely for your help!

  • BloggersHost
    #10 written by BloggersHost  5 years ago

    I am so glad that I found this information. I have become pretty fond of Pixlr and what it can do for free. The only thing that I could not figure out was how to make images transparent. Now I can take my header images to another level. Thank you for explaining this to us.

  • Harshal
    #11 written by Harshal  5 years ago

    Thanx alot bro.. it helped me alot :D

  • SheetalD
    #12 written by SheetalD  5 years ago

    You’re most welcome… :)


    Thanks SheetaID!

  • Gabriel Roncancio Reyes
    #13 written by Gabriel Roncancio Reyes  4 years ago


  • Sanjay Shenoy
    #14 written by Sanjay Shenoy  4 years ago

    Thanks a lot for this tutorial. Did exactly what I wanted to do in less than 5 minutes!

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